Pigment-dyes,water,silk fabric.

Project: "Language Banners"

Occasion: Car Free Festival.2014-2008:Artist: Public project: Banners,

Location: Vancouver(Canada).

Intent: To acknowledge and celebrate native dialects and other languages spoken, by peoples who now call Canada their home!

The banners, are made in collaboration with neighborhood residents and schools.

The process of making these moving sculptures, using dyes to write on fabric is like a performance of sight, hearing, touch and communication becoming an empowering experience. Idioms, phrases, nouns and verbs etc that might have had their roots in a specific language and dialect are used which are shared through translations.

This is an ongoing, 'hands-on' project that is inclusive in its concept. The project expands as more people participate and showcase their mother tongues, sharing to  inform and learn  about themselves and the other.